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Welcome to Nanny Moo Cow Productions.. We have developed a new iPad App for the education market:


ArithMetric is a basic maths App supporting the practice and learning (in both Addition and Subtraction) of:

ArithMetric increases the difficulty by increasing the size of the numbers involved in each level.

It is designed for use by both children and adults (wishing to improve their basic maths skills).

ArithMetric also supports multiple accounts so the whole family can get involved and compare their progress as they all work through the App.

The App has been designed with iOS 7 in mind. To appeal to the younger child, there is also a feature of a 'Nanny Moo Cow' which appears to give bonus and penalty scores. For the adult or teacher, this feature can be turned off.

ArithMetric is on the App Store for 69p/99c